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Welcome to my website! I am a professional in the field of visual media. My main spheres of expertise are graphic design and photography. I'm also interested in Art digital painting, motion and UiUX. «Intuitiveness Creativity Unique» is the tagline of my brand. Have a look at my Portfolio to discover my works.
If you require any further information or have any collaboration offers, feel free to contact me.

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Have a look at my Portfolio to discover my works. 






Design is the most powerful tool of visual communication. A well thought-out concept and correct approach to adjusting the details are the main features of an outstanding design. I work with Web and Print production, and I also have UI / UX and Motion design skills. In terms of style prefencies, I stand for minimalism and discreet colors, besides I am capable of creating designs in any style in accordance with the task.


I have more than 7 years of experience in photography. I provide mainly Portrait and Event photo services but more than that, I have experience with Product and Real Estate photography. If you will ask me what I like in photography, I would answer that my cup of tea is the dark and contemporary style. In addition to the above, I am skilled at high quality photo editing.

One of my biggest points of interest are exhibitions of modern art. I have organized two of my own exhibitions, and my recent dream is to take part in Venetian Biennale. I am training to draw with acrylic paint and perfecting my digital painting skills. If you are interested in proposing an exhibition featuring my art-works, I would be glad to discuss it. You are also more than welcome to contact me if you are looking for a curator.

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