About Me

Hi, my name is Anton Buyakov, and I am 25 years old. I began learning the basics of photography in the final years of my high school in Novosibirsk, Russia. After graduation, I moved to Prague, Czech Republic, and started my Bachelor studies at Charles University in the Faculty Of The Liberal Arts. I chose a creative module there and studied such subjects as Theory of PR, History of Photography, Visual media, etc. During my studies, I started working as a photographer, and my interest in conceptual art grew up.

After 4 years of studying, I decided that I would work in the area of visual media, for this reason I absolved computer re-qualifications courses for graphic designers. Then I started working in a small PR agency. I have been working there for a year and then began working independently, systematically improving myself. In addition to that, I absolved a half-year advanced training in Scholastic, where the special attention was paid to branding issues.

My current priority is looking for clients or companies where I will have an opportunity to use the wide spectrum of my skills. I am a big fan of my job and I try to know everything about not only the core areas of design and photography but also about the visual culture as a whole.

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