«Intuitiveness. Creativity. Unique.»

I provide graphic design and photography services. I have a great experience with digital and print production. Understanding of UI/UX and basic knowledge of motion design help me to create quality design that is relevant today. Conceptual thinking, visual literacy and my own vision are my strong suits.

My Skills


Graphic Design

– web-banners
– newsletters
– pictures for social media
– landing pages
– brochures
– visual concept
– logo
– business cards
– other marketing materials
My skills:
– Raster/vector graphic
– Work with Mock-Ups
– Work with fonts
– Work with photobanks
– Marketing researching
– Creativity
– Color and composition theory
– UI/UX and motion design
– High level of orientation in trends


Photo Retouch

– clothes retouch
– make-up retouch
– skin retouch
– body retouch
– hair retouch
– background editing skills
– work with masks, layers, filters, color editing tools
– color and composition theory
– fashion, art and beuty stylization
– I can retouch photo by your example, or by my own vision.



– work with dital camera with/without – external light
– studio/extertior
– advertising, event, fashion, portrait, product photo
– printing prepare
– model scouting

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